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If you like to party but don’t want to leave the house for booze, check out Drizly. Drizly is one of the latest companies capitalizing on the convenience of on-demand services that run off a smartphone app. Similar to what Uber and Lyft have done with transportation, Drizly lets users open an app, order alcoholic beverages, and go back to partying without having to miss a beat.

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Get started with Drizly

Getting started with Drizly is super easy and can be done in just a few steps. Can place your first Drizly order via website or app.

Promo Code Redemptions

Can you use a promo code in every state?
·       Promo code availability and usage depend on your state’s laws. Unfortunately, some states do not allow redemptions of promo codes as free delivery or cash discounts on alcohol may be prohibited
·       If you live in a state that only allows free deliveries and not cash discounts on alcohol, but the store you are ordering from does not have a delivery fee, your promo code will not apply
·       If you promo codes are valid in your area but you are placing an order to a state that does not accept promo codes, the code cannot be applied 

Where do I enter a promo code?

*Please note that if you do not see an option to enter a promo code, it’s likely that the delivery is being sent to a location that does not allow promo codes. 

I already placed my order, can I still add a promo code?

·       If you were unable to add the code, you can reach out to our Customer Experience Team with the code you are trying to use and they will be able to apply it retroactively if you meet all of the requirements for the code.
·       *Please note credits cannot be combined/stacked
·       *Promo codes expire on the day listed and cannot be applied beyond expiration
·       *Promo codes are valid for a maximum of 1 Year unless otherwise specified

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About Drizly

Drizly is one of the latest companies to adopt the “on-demand” business model. Drizly allows users to purchase alcohol, beer, and wine straight from their smartphones, without ever having to leave the house and go to the local liquor store. Backed by a large group of angel investors, Drizly is looking to shake up the retail movement and deliver drinks to your door. It’s a unique shopping experience you can have while partying!

Brief History

Drizly was founded in 2012 when two friends, Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson, noticed a void in the alcohol delivery industry. They thought that if apps like Uber can do it, why can’t it be adopted for alcohol? After a year of hard work, sweat, and booze, Drizly was launched in 2013. Visit the about page on drizly.com to learn more about Nick and Justin – they are colorful characters.

Why Choose Drizly?

Drizly is easy to use, convenient and gives users instant access to over 2,000 items that include liquor, wine, and beer. The unique thing about Drizly is that it doesn’t cost more than a normal liquor store. The extra you need to pay is the shipping costs.


Deliveries are limited by the Retail Partner Network, meaning factors such as traffic and demand play a part in the speed of the delivery. Drizly aims to deliver your purchase in less than an hour, and most deliveries only take between 20 and 40 minutes.


Drizly costs no more than a normal liquor store, plus shipping. The alcohol is not marked up on their website.
There are minimum order amounts, usually, cost about $25. There is also a delivery charge of $5 to every city except New York. If you live in New York, you enjoy free shipping.

Drizly cities

Drizly is currently only available in almost all the cities in the United States. These include Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Providence, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington DC.

Other cities are here in the list.
Drizly selects its cities based on the quality of potential retail partner networks, as well as potential consumer adoption and demand. In short, if there is enough demand to make it worth their time, they will expand.

Drizly Information and Delivery Maps (By City)

As we mentioned, Drizly is careful about which markets it enters, ensuring profitability and a delivery network that can provide. We looked at the company and markets and wrote up some information and helpful hints for each one. Click your city from the list below to find information about the market as well as a delivery map for each.
Drizly Austin
Austin is consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, whether it be the tech space, education, or finance sector, so the introduction of Drizly could push it over the edge. It has been widely adopted throughout Austin, especially popular among first-adopters and students.
Drizly is available in Barton Springs, Downtown, South Congress, Tarrytown, West Camput, and Zilkner. More coverage areas will be added as they expand. Refer to the Austin Drizly delivery map below to see if they are operating in your area.

Drizly Baltimore

Drizly operates in Baltimore, covering areas that include Downtown, Inner Harbor, Fells Pint, Canton, Highlandtown, Federal Hill, Locust Point, Charles Village, Guilford, Johns Hopkins, Hampden, Roland Park, Mount Washington, Towson, Parkville, and Carney.

Drizly Boston

It makes sense why Drizly is so popular in Boston. There are many schools, events, and social gatherings. And with traffic as busy as it is in Boston, a simple trip to the grocery store could take hours. So rather than missing the party, Boston residents just have the party delivered to them!
And did we mention that Drizly is Boston-based? The company does beer deliveries to drinkers in East Boston, Revere, Winthrop, Arlington, Burlington, Lexington, Natick, Needham, Milton, Quincy, Worburn, Wellesley, Weston, and Wayland.

Drizly Boulder

Like Denver, users in Boulder, Colorado love Drizly. As any good vacationer knows, Boulder is full of friends, events, and good times. But why leave the party when to get beverages when you can have Drizly deliver it right to your door? That is exactly the reason why Drizly is so popular in Boulder.

After Drizly became immensely popular in Denver, they expanded their coverage areas to even more parts of Colorado, including Boulder and Vail, which are among the biggest and fastest growing markets to date. 

Drizly Chicago

Chicago is called the Windy City for a reason. From my experience, it is cold and rather uncomfortable to walk outside.
Drizly recently partnered with retailers Schaefer’s Wines, Foods & Spirits, Rayans Beers, Wines & Spirits, south Loop Market, Kimbark Beverage Shoppe, and Hops & Grapes to expand their coverage area in the Chicago market by 300%.
Existing coverage areas originally included Bucktown, gold Coast, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Loop, South Loop, West Loop, North Center, Old Town, River North, Roscoe Village, Streeterville, Wicker Park, and Wrigleyville, but have since expanded into new areas including Arndersonville, Edgewater, Evanston, Glenview, Hyde Park, Kenilworth, Kenwood, Lincoln Square, North Center, Pilsen, Ravenswood, Rogers Park, Skokie, Wilmette, and Winnetka.

Drizly Denver

As you would have probably guessed, Drizly is very popular among tourists and locals in Denver. The high interest in Denver is because there are lots of ski bums who would rather be skiing than taking time to go to the store to get alcohol. In addition, there is almost always something going on in Denver, meaning the demand is a perfect match for the service.
Aside from the demand, there are a ton of microbreweries and bars in Denver. These include very highly rated locations like Denver Beer Co, Great Divide Brewing Co, and Prost Brewing Company. Many of these breweries and stores are more than excited to get their product in front of thirsty tourists, and have no problem joining and helping the Drizly network expand.

Drizly Indianapolis

Drizly Los Angeles

Other cities are here in the list.

Questions on Legality

A big question is whether or not Drizly is legal. Some believe that Drizly could be an alcohol pipeline to underage kids. To combat this, Drizly has developed a technology they calll the Forensic ID Verification System. This allows the company to determine if the customer is under the legal drinking age, protecting both the business and the consumer.
Making purchases on Drizly is easy, convenient, and affordable. Never done it before? See the steps below to walk you through the process step-by-step.

Step 1 - Create an account (click to reveal)

The first step in the Drizly process is to sign up for an account. This step ensures you are old enough to shop on the site, as well as allows you to store payment, shipping, and purchase details for your convenience.

Step 2 - Set an address (click to reveal)

Once your account is created, enter the address that you want your purchases to be shipped to.
*Note – Drizly is only available in select cities. Find your city here before trying to make a purchase.

Step 3 - Go shopping! (click to reveal)

Step 4 - Check out (click to reveal)

And that’s about it. Drizly is an exciting new development in app and alcohol industries. It’s a one-stop shop for beer, wine, and spirits. The Drizly mobile app and website offers tons of information with cocktail recipes, pro tips, popular adult beverage trends, and advice on everything booze and booze related. If there ever was a one-stop shop for alcohol, it’s Drizly – and it’s not even a shop!
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