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How do I apply a Uber Eats Promo code?

So how does Uber Eats work? Now that you know what Uber Eats is, let’s move to the part you’ve been waiting for: placing your first order.
Placing an order is easy. All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection.

Placing Your First Order

To order with Uber Eats, follow these steps:
  1. Download the Uber Eats app. It’s available for both Android and iPhone.
  2. Enter your address. Uber Eats needs this information to show you which restaurants are available for delivery in your area.
  3. Add your payment info. You can pay with any credit or debit card, just like with the regular Uber app.
  4. Browse restaurants. Scroll through the feed to see available restaurants. You can search for a particular restaurant or filter by cuisine, distance, and price.
  5. Choose your food. Once you select a restaurant, you’ll be able to browse a list of the menu items they have available to deliver. Tap on an item to select and add it to your cart.
  6. Finalize your order. When you’ve added all the items you want to your cart, you’re ready to finalize your order. At this point, you’ll see all applicable taxes, the booking fee, and an estimated delivery time. Assuming everything looks good, tap “Place Order.”
  7. Track your order’s progress. Now comes the fun part. The Uber Eats app will allow you to see the status of your order in real time. First, you’ll get notified when the restaurant receives and begins to prepare your order. Next, you’ll see when the delivery partner is on their way to pick the order up. Once the partner has picked up your order, you can monitor their progress all the way to your door.
  8. Receive your order. You’ll get a notification when your food is arriving. You can wait for the delivery person to bring it to your door, or go outside to collect it — whatever you prefer.
  9. Enjoy (and leave a tip). Now all that’s left is to chow down! You can also leave a tip if you would like. We recommend doing this, as it helps delivery partners cover their expenses (not to mention showing appreciation for great service).

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