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How do I apply a Via promo code?

How does Via work?Book a ride and in under a second our algorithms match you with a vehicle going your way. Via makes sharing with other members seamless and is nearly as fast as a taxi.
How long will I wait?Our average wait time is 5 minutes, and you'll always get an accurate estimate of your pickup before booking. You can also track your vehicle in the app.
Commuter BenefitsYou can pay for Via with a variety of commuter benefits debit cards including WageWorks, TransitChek, Beniversal, eTRAC, Commuter Check, Benefit Strategies, Ameriflex, Zenefits, FlexFacts Commuter Benefits Card, and Igoe Administrative Services Benefits Card. Members using commuter benefits debit cards always ride in vehicles seating six or more.
Via Coupon: TRYVIA34 ($20 off)- Apply the coupon and get the offer.

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